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Excursions: Big well - Spring - Prophet Helias


Πατηστε για μεγένθυση At the crossroads of the Elderly People Care Center, we follow the shelved road. At the first crossroads we can see the big well, where women washed down their clothe in a stoned washtub, by the time there was no water supply at the village.

Μεγαλο Πηγαδι πουσιλικι


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Across the Big Well lies the old olive press of Papakonstantinou's family, where at the yard there are still, the old stones that turned the olives into oil.


ΚεφαλόβρυσοFollowing the shelved road, we approach the Natural Spring. Few years ago all the surrounding villages used this water for drink. Last years the quality of the water is poor, due to bad administration of agricultural drugs. On the right of the spring there is a water hole. This was used by the animals (horses, donkeys, sheep and goats) of the farmers. There was also a shaded place. Older people still remember the donkeys that transferred water in water-buts. The spring nowadays has loosen its fame, although, Aristides Dritsas - a fellow villager - renovated it with beautiful stones.

Μεγαλο Πηγαδι πουσιλικι
Template with the year of construction of the soeurce 1881. Communoty of Liatani village. February.


Following the road from the Natural Spring, there is an uphill till Prophet Helias Chapel. The old times, the road was difficult with many turns.


The arrival at the courtyard of the Chapel will satisfy everyone, providing a spectacular view of the village. The nature looks like a painting with rocks, gaps and a cave with the wrath. The whole walk doesn't take more than half an hour and it is accessed also by car. In spring months try walking instead of using a car.
Take care the periods of hunting, as many Athenians are coming in the district.


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